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It seems that more of us have these pains in the tendons than we imagine. That's what is good about these forums. You get to hear about other people's pains and know that you are not alone. In my case, although I have had tendonitis in the shoulder and the knees,and elbow,going back severval years,the pain in the foot, ankle, toe, fingers, knuckles, wrists, could not be defined as just tendonitis. Doctors began calling what was happening to me, Fibromyalgia.and osteoarthritis.When they exrayed what ever part was hurting they didn't find the joints severally damaged as they expected. I remember one time severe pain in the shoulder where I could not raise my arm or put clothes on. I had to put the arm in a sling. After they had taken exrays, I could plainly see as the doctor did that there was nothing wrong with the joint. But it did appear that the ball joint was coming out of the soccet. I asked the dumb founded rehumitologyst to take a pictue of the other arm to see how the joint appeared. Of course you could see there definately was a drop of the upper part of the bone in it's socket. I received a cortizone injection in the shoulder joint and the next day it was gone. It repeated itself several times. Needless to say after a long period of time with such bouts, sometimes I just grin and bear it. But, during the course of my complaints the new Doctor said you do not have fibromyalgia, but I think you have Gout.I said all my blood test were okay and although sometimes fluid was taken from my knee and sent to a laboratory coming back negative, how would we be able to tell. After a couple of weeks,pain started in my ankle out of no where. It didn't seem in a joint, it seemed on the side of the foot. It progressed little by little, traveling to encompass the whole foot and ankle. The day it happened, I had an appointment with a nerosurgeon to view my back MRI's and he said I needed to have a myleogram on my spine having indications of stenois in the lower spine. I asked, doctor what could this new pain be. He just looked down at me and said go to a prodiatrist. I mistakenly thought as long as I was in a doctors office he should at least examine where ever I had hurt. Needless to say, that weekend, being on crutches and unable to stand on the foot, I called the Rehumi and told her to test her theory that what I was suffering from was indeed the gout. She sent a prescription of Colchicine and I was directed to take one every hour until the pain went away or I got diareahea. I took 5 pills in five hours and the dam pain went away. I could walk with out a crutch or cane. The doctor said that the medicine would not have worked unless it was gout. The only other way she could determine that it was gout is to take a sample of the fluid and put it under microscope to find crystals in the fluid which causes the pain. {from uric acid in the blood} The pain comes mostly when I can't get to a doctor, like at night or weekends. I'm not saying that you may have gout, but it may help to try the colchicine at least once to see what would happen. I have been reading up on Gout and Gouty arthritis and find it is an old disorder and can travel all over the body. perhaps the bad pains in the hip and in the leg was also brought on by the gout.Those pains seem to be better now, although I can't walk very far. So now I'm looking into what I eat since food causing purines can be the culprit. Red wine,beans, red meat and a few other seemingly innocent foods seem to be the propblem. But I was warned that diet is not the culprit. It is a metobolic disorder. Drinking lots of water flushes out the acid from the blood, so it is said on the internet. I'm trying to work extra hard at lossing weight and I'm using the Sugar Busters diet paying attention to eating less cheese and red meat. Hope you can discuss this with your doctor and try what I did.


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