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Jean I don't want to discourage you but I am going to tell you the truth. I was diagnosed with chronic flexor tendinitis in 1997. At first I was having pain, swelling and numbness in my hands and wrists area. I also had problems in my left shoulder. As time went on the pain and discomfort went from both shoulders, arms, hands and now for about 2 yrs I have been having similar effects in my ankles and feet. I also do have problems in my knees that the doctor is not yet sure about. I have had injections in my shoulders and my wrists. I've had only one epidural in the back base part of my neck. This had to be done in outpatient surgery. It didn't do a lot of good so I was never given another one. I've had 3 what they call a Sympathetic Block [ very painful]. The injections for the 1st couple of yrs would give me a little relief for a few months but I would do anything to get all the relief that I could. I've had a rotator cuff surgery in my right shoulder. After an MRI I was told that there was a tear in my cuff area of my shoulder about an inch long so the surgery supposedly repaired that. But sad to say that I still have the pain. I now am having a lot of pain and swelling in all my finger joint area. So now I have to be tested again to see if I may have some form of arthritis. At one time they thought that I had rheumatoid arthritis but after the blood tests that was ruled out. Like I said I do not want to discourage you but it is very very painful. I've been on 3 kinds of narcotic drugs for pain because I have pain and/or discomfort every day. I really don't know of one day since day I that I have been without some kind of pain or discomfort. Funny thing you know after trying for all these to hold on to a job and then not being able to do full time hours; Finally after my doctor took me the job in October 2000 I decided that I would apply for disability. Of course I was denied and after the second denial I thought I had better get a lawyer to help me get through it. I tell you one thing if they only knew from their own experience what every day was like for me they would not have denied me the 1st time. But I had heard that they will deny you a few times. So now I'm still at home having the same problems awaiting for the disability adminisration to call for my trial hearing. I have many splints and slings that I have to use very often. Sometimes I can get a very very severe flare up in my shoulders and these times just keep me in tears the pain gets so bad. Not even the pain medicine will help any at these times. Some times I am not able to drive. I cannot do a lot of anything around the house that causes me to have to move my arms and hands around a lot. So you know this is bad because you have to use your hands for everything you do. I would like to talk with you more if you would like. You can email me. I do hope that you are seeing an orthopedic doctor for your problems. There is nothing over the counter that would do any good for me for pain. Well there is lots more that I could share with you but I guess you say this is enough. Please try not to be discouraged though because just because it turned out this way for me does not mean that it would be the same for you. Hopefully not. I have talked with some people that have had tendinitis and ever so often they may get a flare up. Maybe this would be the case for you. Please do feel free to email me and be encouraged.


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