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Acne! Help each other figure out real life solutions.


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I have acne too, and though I don't have a cure for it, I do have some suggestions to share. The last post about what goes into the body must come out, is so on target. Remember that whenever you pust anything your body. (I'm no guru, so I sometimes eat junk food, but it is important realize that it can have an enormous effect on your body.) Also, just being around cooking grease can increase acne. (Oil in the air?, well, it's going find your skin and clog those all-important pores.) Stress is a big factor. (At least it seems to be with me.) I had moderate acne when I was a teenage and was "supposed" to have it. It started getting more pronouced about three or four years ago. At time I underwent dental work to remove mercury-filled amalgam fillings. (I tested positive for mercury poisoning.) I don't if the dental work had anything to do with it, or maybe just the stress of everything. But now I have more pimples than I ever had before. And some scarring due to it. (I'm not happy here.) My pimples now come in waves though. Some days or weeks my skin is pretty clear, and other times I'll erupt. Now, I'm drinking lots of water. (Or trying to.) Taking vitamins. Being moderate in my junk food, and high oil-content foods. I try to be very careful about what i put on my skin. As far a facial soap, the Neutrogena deep clean seems to help me keep my face clean, but it can (and does) dry my skin out. To moisturize it, I use aloe vera gel. (Currently Fruit Of The Earth brand.) It moisturizes, heals, and does cause break-outs. I used to use witchhazel, alcohol, and occasionally hydrogen peroxide, but these three things (that one person previously mentioned two of) can actually cause more break-outs. Why? Because pimples are caused by excessive oil on the skin or in the blood, the skin requires oil in an order to function as the body's largest organ. When you use alcohol or peroxide you are removing all of the nature oils, and this prompt the skin to create even more to compensate. So just be careful. The witchhazel is less abrasive, but does have alcohol in it. (It's use is for cuts, rashes, and minor abrasions.) This is acne, guys. It's annoying and embarrassing to have. (I know.) Relax. Obsessing will stress you out, and could exacerbate the situation. If you have an active pimple try applying a triple antibiotic to it. (It's a wound like any other, and this will help heal it.) Someone suggested only using Ivory soap. (Which I do also use in conjunction with the soap I mentioned.) It's because of its purity that this soap is good. (No added chemicals, no unnecessary moisturizers, etc.) It can also dry out your skin. Again, I suggest Aloe Vera gel. (Or aloe water, as someone suggested. Working from the inside out can be as beneficial, and sometimes more so.) I hope I offered some helpful advice. It isn't easy living with chronic acne. Kind of makes me even more self-conscious than I used to be. But we can "beat" this thing. (And preferably without medication. Anything we can heal without taking a prescription is so much better for the body.) Think of what chemicals do to all kinds of things. (Just in general.) Even with FDA approval, chemicals can be harmful in the body. (Just a thought.) Take care, and good luck, Kim


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