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I am 39 and have been basically healthy for most of my life. Havent had a flu in 15 years and probably over ten years since i had to take any antibiotics around december last year (2003) i had a thing that looked like a infected pimple on my left leg just below the knee in front..i picked at it and tried to get it to drain and nothing came out - within 3 days my left side of my leg was starting to swell up so i went to the emergency room they said it was cellulitus and gave me an antibiotic - within 3 days it had stated to get better - the swelling in my leg went down but the area around the pimple got realy swollen and painful and after a hot soak bath i saw it was draining some and i pushed on it and tons of pus came out - it took a while to heal but it did a few weeks later i got something on my left butt cheek that was like a sore area and when i got a mirror to look it looked like a black acne dot - i managed to poke at it and nothing came out and it flared into that same type of swelled up hot to touch painful area like my leg and i knew it was cellulitus and got my dr to call in some antibiotics for me that one ended up with a huge hole the size of a dime and had some pus but nothing like my leg and if i sqqeezed on it at all it flared up about ten days later at the end of the antibiotics another pimple started to flare up right next to that one and i could tell by the way it hurt and that it had a hard area around it that it was the same thing and my dr once again called in antibiotics that one never flared up or got as bad as the other two about two weeks after that with the 3rd one healed and the 2nd once still sore and itchy but healing i got a pimple looking thing on my right hip area just below the butt on my leg without thinking i scratched at it and woosh flared up and was like the 2nd on on my left butt cheek once again took antibiotics and this one was barely starting to heal and i got a pimple thing right next to it and at the same time another dot on my left butt cheek like the previous one there i called my dr and she begged me to not take any antibitoics because too many over a long period of time can cause health problems so so far i havent and these two havent gotten much bigger the one on my left butt cheek is swollen but the hole thing hasnt gotten bigger and if i squeeze it some pus and blood comes out but then it flares up and hurts so bad i cant walk the one on my right leg is kind of ulcerating and hardly and pus at all. it just looks nasty and it is also about the size of a dime - and it hasnt swollen much around the area - just right where the wound is it is sore this one hurts and stings really bad to touch and has a itchy feeling like something is boring into my leg i see my dr tuesday but i am really scared about all this and am afraid i have something in my blood or lymph system i need to find more people dealing with this kind of thing i quit smoking friday and it is now sunday so been two days smoke free using the patches hoping this will help my immune system and at the advice of an indian healer i know am drinking a teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed in milk twice a day and also putting it in my soak baths i take several hot as i can stand the water soak baths a day and it helps some i am really scared and have been crying and i really miss my mom who died two years ago anyway i hope more people post here with info on what they have or had and how it was dealt with i have heard of chronic cellulitus but my dr says there is no such thing which is baloney since i apparently have it if anyone has any advice or help please post


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