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Adult tonsilectomy


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Hi Everyone!! Im 24 and had my tonsils removed 18 days ago. I really just wanted to share my experience. Before hand I read lots of forums & articles & it scared me to death, but it also gave me warning and info on what to look out for. I had been suffering from bad recurrent tonsilitis(up to 6 times a year) and decided I'd had enough of my 'red, pitted, swollen' tonsils!! ;o) It certainly was an experience that can only be sympathised by those who have had it done, and maybe those who have watched their love ones. I had the op on the Friday. It went really well, I stayed in over night and ate toast the next morning so was allowed to go home. The next 2 days were only slightly uncomfortable, but definately bearable. The pain killers were working great and I was managing to eat quite well.(set your alarm during the night to take your pain killers - you'll get more sleep) I felt so sorry for my boyfriend sleeping beside me and my alarm, bless!!! On the Tuesday, however, I was in such agony. The pain killers appeared to be no longer working.I knew from other people's experiences that the pain could get bad, but it was just unbearable so I went back to see my doc. It turned out that I had post op infection and was given anti biotics to take home. Unfortunately my wee body couldn't handle all the pills as I vomited all the food I had managed to force down and the anti biotics, and then starting throwing up blood too. Not loads, but i was naturally scared and it was far from pleasant. I got re-admitted for IV anti-biotics. I was so grateful to be in hospital, to know I was being stabalised and watched by professionals. After 2/3 days 'Ward 3' I was ready for home. I've come through the other side of the tunnel now and feel absolutely fabulous. After lots of tears, pain, being sick and popping plenty of pills, I'm still glad i went through with it. The moral of my experience and my advice for any adult tonsillectomy patient would be :- to not be afraid to go back and get checked by your doctor. It will be sore, but it shouldn't so unbearable that the pain killers don't work. Also, my experience was quite rare. I just wondered had anyone else been through this with their operation? Im back at work now, still recovering and I truly feel great. My sense of taste has improved greatly and I'm sleeping like a baby now. My boyfriend says my sleep anea has definately improved, and because of more sleep I feel great already. Once the real recovery begins, its all downhill and its like the operation never happened. I would encourage any adult who suffers bad infections, strep throat etc to be brave and go for it! You won't regret it! ;o) Good luck to all my tonsillectomy buddies and to a better quality of life, which is what its all about after all!! xx


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