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Chest Pain After Eating. Please Help!


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In Feb. 2000, I went to see a nurse practitioner. I had phenomena and was given antibiotic shots and prednasone. I went to see her every day for 4 days for the shots. Got Better. A couple weeks latter I went and saw my doctor, Dr. Shuck, with lower right back pain. He prescribed many drugs including prednasone. He also did blood work. While waiting to here the results of that I started having extreme upper abdomen and chest pain. Feeling very weak. The head doc. called my husband a work ( I was not at home) and told him that my white blood count was over 22,000 and for me to come in right away. which I did. I told the dr. about my pain and that it became sever after eating. I was giving more antibiotic shots and more blood was drawn. I came back everyday for 5 days for the shots and my blood count very slowly came down but even 2 months later it still isn’t in the normal range! Still having pain every day if I ate. I went back to see DR Shupack who sent me to a gastro to have upper and lower GI. They did the tube light thing. After days of waiting for the results I called the Gastro dr. He wanted to know what the problem was. After telling him I was still having bad pain, He said he did not understand since the tests came back all neg. So he thought for awhile and said to come back for a barium GI. Had to wait a week for his nurses to even make the appointment. They keep telling me when they had time they would set me up and call me, they never did, I finally called back and demanded they set me up for the test while I was on the Phone! Had the test, came back normal. The DR then told me if it hurts to eat, don’t eat, and that was that! So I go back to see my DR... More blood work, ( I have been on pain med. Loratab10/500 since this all started and I have to take 2 just to somewhat ease my pain). This time he sends me to have a CT scan. That was on a Monday, test results would be back Wednesday, Tuesday evening my pain was great so my husband called the Dr. office and told them that I need to talk to my Dr. He wasn’t there so the head Dr called back. He said that he had my test results and all was normal but he thought it was Pancreatitis and call in enzyme med for me to take before I eat. Then this Morning My Dr called and said that he did not think it was Pancreatitis. that the only thing that the CT scan showed was a bi-lateral enlargement of my adrenal glands for which I have no ideal what that means. He now wants me to see a surgeon to see what he thinks! From what I have read and the symptoms that I have point to it being Pancreatits like the head Dr. in the practice thinks. I am going to try the enzyme medicine and see if that works. Also on the last blood test, Lipase was 172,normal is 0-160 but the dr. says that is inclusive. I went to the surgeon, he said that he didn’t want to do explortory surgrey, that he thought it sounded like soft tissue spasms and gave me a rx for that and referred me to another Gastro Dr. The med. for the spasms, didn’t help and the new gastro Dr. had a test done to see if I was having spams. It came back negative. Then my primary Dr. had a stress test done and heart scan done. You guessed it! All was fine. He now says all that is left to do is go to a pain managment clinic. I know there is something worng with me. They have had to of missed it somehow. I don’t know what to do next. I am taking prevacid twice a day and zantac at bed time. Maybe helps a little, not sure. I also take Celexa for depression. PLEASE, if anyone has any advice or anything please please tell me. It is now the end of Sept. I need help. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Judy


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