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Latex Allergy

Linda (allergytolatex)

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I feel that I have read any and everything on Latex however one never knows too much and surprises still surface. On testing seek a doctor and ask for RAST test it is my understanding that you do not have to have a postive result to be allergic but it does help with legal actions of employment. You can find a lot of information on ELASTIC or just type in Latex Allergy and sites will pop up for you to read and read on products and alternatives; everyone is different you may test Latex 1 level 3 for example and another person be a level 4 and your reactions could be more severe..I had a previous Latex 4 but allergist after allergist said it was from excessive hand washing no one knew back in the sixty's early sixty's ( I have read if you were Latex 4 prior your reactions are more likely to be antaphylatic but not sure if that was medical documented but i do know that I react easier than others whom have tested positive with no prior contact dermatitis so ) just what was going on about manufacturing techniques anyway that is not the important factor it is to protect yourself and be proactive daily. Your body will give you signs do not ignore anything and yes we have to educate our personal MD and even when we do it seems that it does not sink it totally they remove gloves from my treatment area but seem to forget a lot of the important stuff like, removing gloves from trash, washing residue off hands before reapplying fresh vinyl gloves if I am lucky and smocks and air cleaners and etc etc we have a problem and it is ours alone most of the time but do not give up the life you save will be your own...my case is very severe and am almost homebound but I have learned how to entertain myself, wear gloves when reading my books or handling inked papers newspaper and etc..prepackaged food is out, resturants get a once over and a talk with managers before ordering, removed home enviromental things to the expense of over $10,000 carpet is really hard on me especially older carpet that the paddig has broken down and I don't dare eat in a resturant where ballons have been displayed one broken ballons explells proteins into the atmosphere and lands over salad bars and etc. educate yourself it the best advise and i found a terrfic allergist but beside prescribing medicine to pre attempt to reduce a reaction which is no means a guarantee just precautions. Find a good allergist and screen him like you would a nanny for your child. Be open and honest and if he can not handle that go find another one that will pay attention to your medical emergency: Latex Allergy (this is not meant to reply a medicine comment always discuss everything with your physican just sharing my trails and tribulation in order to encourage where it may happen, In thought I remain, Linda


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