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subarachnoid hemorrhage

Dearest Tammy

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DEarest Tammy It has been sometime since my mother and younger brother died. It was extremely difficult for all members of my family except for me. My brother and sisters asked me why I had not taken their deaths as hard as they did. So I told them what my mother had told me about 3 weeks prior to her death. My mom came to visit me in Calif. she lived in colorado. Like you, I had a young family and she came to see her Grand children. One day during her visit, she took me by the hand and asked me to go for a walk with her. During our walk, we talked about many things. Then she said, "Jim, I am getting ready to go home". and I said," you just got here, why are you going home so soon?" She answered by saying,"no, not there, I have spoken to your father and he is waiting for me." My father had died a few years earlier. I became very upset and said," Mom! Don't talk like that". She then said, "its okay, I want to go and anyway, we will all be together again." After I calmed down, I asked my mother if she would promise to wait for me so I could be with her and my father again. She squeeze my hand, looked at me and said, "yes, I will wait and we will be a family again." When she left a few days later, I knew I would not see her here again. But, I was and still am at peace with her and myself. I miss not seeing or visiting with her as I did when she was here. But I know as she knew that she was going to be with my father I know me and my family will all be with both of them someday. And in many ways, I really look foreward to that time. When I look at her picture or talk to someone about my parents, I do it with excitment because I know they are together and we will be there soon. We are all here for a short life span and then we will all go home to be with our loved ones forever. I told my sisters and brothers what I have told you and they thanked me for telling them because it made all the difference in the world for them to know what I tell you. Tammy, I know that you must be going through hell!! But, your mother is aware of what you are going through and she knows that you will, one da, be with her again. And, she will be able to shower you with her love as I am sure she did while she was here. Tammy, should you care to email me, I live with my wife and two young daughters in calif. My email is>atencioj@ix.netcom.com or jpbullfrog@yahoo.com I promise, I will give you all of the support I possibly can. God Bless you Tammy-Remember your Mother is fine where she is and she is waiting for you. One last thing tammy It is natural for you to feel the way you do-please, please, if you really worried about a possible sub..hemorage, see you doctor. I am sure you don't!! Lots of Love from Me and My Family. Jim, Lan, Phi and Phuong


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