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Cushings Syndrome/mimicks cfids?


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Lois--I've answered others on this page. Was diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago---Dr.s, even endocrinologist not real savvy about this disease! Not much info out there---all books on it out of print. But have found some reputable sources that have been very helpful, and I am on my feet and feeling almost "human" again---all on my own research. the first step is to educate yourself about how our bodies work and what throws them "off". An excellent book of A-Z is Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, by Dr. Christiane Northup, MD. Saw her on Oprah @ one of my lowest moments--it was like she was talking to me only. She goes into the whole adrenal thing, and what to do/not to do. What I know: You can have Cushings w/o tumors---#1)Stress sets off a whole bunch of sub-hormones that wreak havoc. #2) SOY products slow metabolism (esp. thyroid) and are the worst we can do to ourselves--this inclds. Birth control pills/estrogen supplements that are soy-based. #3)If we're over-producing Cortisol--we're UNDER producing DHEA which keeps cortisol in balance---it can be purchased in any health store---and should begin with 1/4 tablet 2ce aday for 2 wks. Then build gradually up to 25 mgs. 2ce a day for 6 months---then back to 1/4th tablet 2ce aday for maintainance. #4) Learn about "Insulin Resistance"---in the bk. mentioned and in "FITONICS" by Dr. Burton Schnell, "Eat Great-Lose Weight" by Suzanne Somers (The best way to eat and be healthy I've found!!!), and "The Zone" all explain it understandably. I follow the very simple food-combining of Suzanne Somer's, and I have been thriving. Stay away from the "Carbo-Addicts' Diet---it's the worst thing you could do. #5) AVOID LICORACE !!! READ LABELS!!! Licorace is a plant-form of cortisol! It is "poison" ---esp. with regular consumption. This is documented, and was warned about by DR. on one of the Network A.M. shows. #6)Vitamins/minerals/essential fatty acids, I can give you the formula if you e-mail me @ A2ns1E. #7) Stay away from sugars, honey, sevin, sweets, white breads, pasrtries, rices, pastas, potatoes; if you learn about the role insulin resistance plays-- you'll understand, and will do so willingly! #8) AVOID Nutrasweet!!! Our bodies break it down to become methanol, and formaldyhide---2 poisons! This is much documented--- but considered too "low" too be"dangerous"???!!! Not when it's in EVERYTHING! I feel much better since have been off it. (Well covered in FITONICS) #9) Avoid caffiene--- it keeps calcium from being absorbed in our bodies--particularly bad for Cushings, since osteoporosis is a factor! #10) Get enough sleep at night---. #11) Avoid Antihistimines and most pain relievers ---fot their steroidal influence. There's lots more. READ_READ READ about your body and how it's supposed to work---and what doesn't work---we have to educate ourselves to make it. I am so-oo much better than I was because of what I have learned on my own---"magic pills" didn't help. One year ago I was at a Toxic level---if I wasn't close to death I wanted to die---today I am functioning at about 80% instead of 1%. You can too Lois. My heart and best wishes are with you.


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