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21/2 year old son's speech disorder


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I had to post a reply to this message. I have a son, Dakota, who will be 2 next month. He has never had much to say, a man of very few words. My labor with him was induced 3 1/2 weeks early, due to my extremely high blood pressure. He was small at birth, weighed in at 5lbs. 14 oz. He remains small for his age, according to the universal graowth chart, he is in the less than 20th percentile. Ok, now for the problem, he only says a few words, and even those only my husband and I can understand. He says...dog(comes out as gog), please(comes out as peeps), chips( comes out as bips), baby( comes out as beebee), drink(comes out as goonk), mom and dad, he has never put the "y" on the end of any words, it's always been "mom and dad". He didn't walk until he was around 14 months old. He also crawled late. He seems to be a smart baby though, he follows direction ie: turn off the tv, get your juice cup, pick up your toys, get your shoes, he will retrieve anything you tell him to and go to various rooms we tell him to go. He has always seemed to understand whatever we were saying to him. He is not a cuddly child, never has been, he will only sit on your lap for about a minute or two. He does, although, give kisses when asked for one. He never took a bottle or pacifier, he was a breastfed baby, he also never sucked his thumb. He started using a sippy cup at the age of 5 months. We also have a 12 yr old son and he did everything early. He had such an extensive vocabulary by the age of 3, he amazed people. He was a very loving, cuddling child, he would sit with you for very long periods of time and loved to snuggle, he was a bottle fed baby. Neither of my children ever required much sleep, but my 2 year old takes this to extremes, I average around 3-5 hours of sleep a night because he gets up about every hour to hour and a half all night long, he has never slept through the night, my older son didn't sleep through the night until he was around 8 years old. my 2 year old also doesn't like to eat, he is very particular about food, and even when you find something he likes, he will still only take about 3 bites and then he is done. Due to the fact that he will not eat, I still nurse him at naptime and bedtime. I figure he has to get his nutrition from somewhere. He doesn't seem to be interested in his toys, he would rather get into everything that doesn't belong to him. He is not, nor has he ever been, interested in cartoons on tv. But, he LOVES music. Any music, he loves to be sung to. He seems to get frustrated very easily, and that makes him aggressive. He has quite a temper on him for such a little guy, he hits, bites and throws things. My husband says he is just spoiled, but I don't think that is the whole thing, yes, I will admit he IS spoiled, but I am not convinced that is the reason for his entire behavior. I am sorry to ramble on and on, but there are so many things to mention. I will stop for now. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions, they are all appreciated. Michelle


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