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cervical dysplasia

Flaminia Zeman

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I've had severe dysplasia several times and so has my daughter. Stop worrying. Here's my story. This all happened 17 years ago when I was 4 1/2 months pregnant after 5 years of horrible stress, (father died, brother died, house burned down, got married, moved twice, wasn't getting along with husband, 14 year old daughter had a nervous breakdown, and more...and more), I had had bad pap smears, getting worde each time I had them so they had me take them more frequently. Finally I went for a second and third, and even a fourth opinion. The fourth was Dartmouth Hitchcock clinic, very well respected. I was told, by a hot-shot cancer specialist, after he did a cocoscopy which is as close a microscopic examination as you can have when you're pregnant, that if I was his patient he would abort "the fetus", and give me a radical hysterectomy, removing my cervix, ovaries, and uterus. I said tis is not the fetus, it's my baby. He said this baby may end up without a mother. "The fetus"is now a 17 year old with hair on his lip. He has a 15 year old brother, and I still have all my original body parts. I prayed meditated cleaned up my eating and exercize habits. Six weeks after ny son was born I had a deep cone biopsy, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with any of the tissue. I wish I'd had then just take a little biopsy first. I've had a little dysplasia now and then, but it always goes back to normal I was really scared at first too. I would wake up in the middle of the night terrified. I worried about what would happened to my daughter and my baby. What if my husband remarried after I died to a mean woman etc. I even thought that my skin smelled different when the hot water hit it in the shower. When I took walks I couldn't focus as well as I used to, I thought it was because I was dying of cancer. In the middle of the night I'd wake up with anxiety attacks. I felt as if I'd woken up in the middle of a deep lake of fear on a moonless night. I finally sort of surrendered I said O.K. God if you want me to die I accept that, but I value this life, and the life of my children so I'm going to put up a good fight just in case that I'm not sceduled to die. My daughter got cervical dysplasia and she had her cervical surface frozen, her choice. We are both FINE. As I said we've both had it from time to time. A nurse practitioner said she just had gone to a Symposium where they learned that cervical dysplasia is caused by a virus. Apparantely the earlier you have sex, and the more partners you have the more you are susceptible to this. A younger cervix is easier to infect, and with more partners the chances of infection are upped. I wonder why your doctor doesn't seem to know this. I'll tell you something. Don't mistake the letters M.D. for medical Deity. Don't let them scare you, and don't take their word for everything> Best of Luck, you'll be fine!!!


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