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yeast infection....am desperate for help!!

Brenda Letain

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I truly do empathize what you are going through as I have had chronic yeast infections for years and am happy to say that I am no longer plagued by this any longer. I had to completely omit sugar out of my diet altogether. That includes fruit juices, sodas, anything with aspartame or artificial sugars, diabetic desserts, sweeteners, sugars, honey, molasses, etc. No desserts, anything with vinegar, no alcohol of any kind. Cigarette products are a no-no also (tobacco has sugar). This definitely helped. The only fruit I can tolerate are berries but nothing else. Even though fruits and fruit juices are a natural sugar your body is still recognizing it as "sugar" and yeast grows with sugar; this is the same thing with artificial sweetners. I also take Inno-Vite DDS Acidophilus (it's the best kind, tried many others). It's a natural way of rebuilding your digestive system with protective bacteria against yeast. I don't wear pantyhose, I work in an office and wear stay-ups. Drink lots of water. I also gave up all dairy products, milk also has a natural sugar in it. I found dairy products made me secrete a lot and noticed a difference once I gave it up. I can tolerate it once in a while now but while I had chronic yeast infections, I had to give up dairy products. I used Canesten yeast infection cream for over a year nightly. I would cut up garlic cloves and eat them as garlic is a natural antibiotic and great for fungal infections. Same goes for onions. Any foods that are packaged and processed contain sugar (even though it will not be marked on the can or box). Sugar is disguised in so many different forms...glucose, dextrose, corn syrup, etc. I had to give up bread also. I now buy sea salt from the health food store as regular salt on the market contains dextrose (a form of sugar, even though it is not marked). Make sure you get lots of rest and really think about any stresses you may have in your life (besides this infliction). I look back now and was very unhappy with where my life was going even though I didn't think I was unhappy at the time. Prayer also helped, BIG TIME as I had to find my own answers, doctors were to no avail whatsoever. God helped me find out what I needed to know and gently guided me to answers. There are numerous books also, one which I read was "The Yeast Connection" available in health food stores (they will know which one it is). Good luck to you, I know cutting out so much food sounds insane, but if you are as desperate as I was to feel better give it a try, your life is worth it and so are you. Feeling sick all the time runs your immune system down...keep the faith and ask God for strength, courage and help.


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