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Scoliosis- treatment with surgery

Meghan Quinn Kupp

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I found your email while searching for more information on scoliosis. My name is Meghan Kupp. Im from the Chicago area. Im 15 years old. I had spinal fusion performed on me on Dec. 2nd, 1998. My spin curvature was 30% on the thoracic, and 50% on the lumbar. I had two choices, have spinal fusion, or not, and be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life. Obviously, I chose the surgery. My surgery was performed at Rush Pres. Hospital in Chicago. My doctors name is Christopher DeWald. Before my surgery, I had four counseltations, before making the final decision. X-rays were taking, excercises were done, anything that may have reduced the curvature in my spine was tried. On December 2, 1998, my parents ( debra,43 and timothy,47) and my sister ( stephanie 19) drove into the city and arrived at the hospital. It was 530am and i was extremly calm ( the best thing you can do). They had me come in, get changed into a gown, and take me up to the surgery floor. There my i,v was done, and my parents said " we love you and well be waiting for you when you get out". I was then wheeled into the operating room.I woke up in intensive care( where you spend your first night after surgerY) at 300pm. They gave me a morophine pump, along with many other medications, which i do not remember.That night went a little slow, I wasn't able to sleep very well. Although my nurses were extremly kind. They brought me movies to watch, and even a nintendo to play when i felt up to it. The next day they moved me to floor 8, this was the spinal floor. Only spinal surgery patients stayed ther. All the nurses were skilled, and knew everything. The next 7 days( the mimimum you can stay) went extremly slow, taking little walks down the hallway was the most exercise i had. Otherthan my friends visiting me, or having my mom read to me, i didn't get to do much else. I was released after the 8 days. I got to go home and sleep in my bed. It felt nice being home. It was really rough getting used to home wtih out the morophine. But you get used to it. Its very importnat not to get angry when your nephew/son/whoever, asks you to do something for them cnstintly. You have to remember, that almost every movement made in the body is connected to the spine, and every movement is very painful. Remember, the spine is very vunerable. The nexy two months were hard to get through, but with a lot of encouragment from family and friends, its a lot easier. During school, it is very important to catch up on school work. make sure that he get a home tutor, available through the school. Heating pads, and little masages help a lot while laying around. I think I included some information that i hope is helpful.If you have any other question, please feel free to email me back at Aphrodite0369@aol.com. I hope everything goes well with the surgery. good luck. sincerely, Meghan Q. Kupp


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