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Hi, just posted this to someone else. Hope it helps. I'm 37 and just had my tonsillectomy 6 days ago. I had the new Coblation-Assisted tonsillectomy. It's supposed to be less invasive by not burning your healthy skin surrounding your tonsils and adenoids. God forbid if this Coblation is the lesser of the evil surgeries! The first day of surgery went REALLY well, which surprised me because I am VERY intolerant of the anesthesia. But they gave me a Valium via IV before and after the surgery. (I'm prone to panic attacks with the anestheia). It wasn't until the 3rd day that the real pain came in, and by this time I was out of the liquid Lortab. I got a second bottle refilled. If you know what to expect pain wise, you won't be as freaked out during your recovery. I read a lot of posts from others on the Internet & that helped. True to course, my tongue started swelling ( from being clamped during surgery), my earaches came about the 4th day & now my right gland and ear are killing me. BUT this is all tolerable as long as you have a narcotic pain reliever. I had to get forceful with my nurse in terms of giving me a third bottle of Lortab. (One bottle will only last 48 hours if taken as directed) It is the 6th night and I am still living from the third hour to take my dose of Lortab. I can't hold out until the fourth hour. BUT, I would do this in a heart beat again!! My life was spent obsessing about those nasty yellow balls of stench. I didn't want to get close to anyone for fear of my breath. And I have a wonderful boyfriend I miss kissing! I decided enough was enough. Believe me..the pain will be WELL worth it once they are gone. Even when I have been crying from the pain, I still know that once this short period is over, I will NEVER have to worry about those nasty tonsil stones again. I put off this surgery 3 times, but I am so glad I finally did it. You will be FINE. The only time I really cried from pain was when I was taking a lesser dose of Lortab, trying to save it because my doctor won't refill it like she should. If you have adequate medication, you'll only be uncomfortable during all of this. Read post from others to get tips on handling your recovery. It made all the difference for me. And have someone nurturing spend the first week with you. My mother has been a Godsend..not to mention taking care of my 6 year old while I am recovering! Things to know: (1) Let your doctor know upfront you will NOT tolerate anything less than a week's worth of pain medicine.. 24 hours/seven days. (2) buy re-freezable ice packs. They are wonderful when your glands and neck are swollen. Even on Lortab I needed these. They do help. (3)sleep sitting up in a recliner or couch for the first 5 nights. Your uvula (the little swingy thing in the back of your throat) and your throat will be swollen.. & it feels like you are suffocating if you aren't sitting strait up.This will only last a few days though. A travel neck pillow helped me when I slept sitting up. Buy one! (4) have lots of water & don't drink from straws;OUCH! (5) Buy a shaved ice machine from Bed Bath Beyond or Linens & Things. It's only 19.99. I swear it made my life easier. I lived on shaved ice the first 3 days & I still like it. You won't be able to eat even crushed ice. Shaved is so much more tolerable. Go ahead and buy all these things now. Also, have your doctor call in your pain meds & antibiotics the DAY BEFORE so you can go ahead and get them. The last thing you want to do is deal with that after leaving the hospital. My soft Velux blanket, magazines, TV, and my Shih-Tzu, Lortab, ice pack,and my mother have been my trusted stapels. lol Best of luck, and know that this will be SO worth it!! One week of pain for a life time free of nasty tonsil stones! Let me know if you need anything else. I'll post my recovery for you as I go if you like. God bless, Mary Ann


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