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Removal of ovary


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One thing doctors do is not really explain cysts very well. The cyst you had removed was not on top of your ovary but IN it. Our ovaries are only 2-3 cm's big. Any cyst that is bigger than that is naturally going to hurt!!!! Never let a doctor dismiss your pain!!! Never! I am sorry that your doctor was not a skilled enough surgeon to remove only the cyst! That is an unfortunate consequence of surgical incompetance. This is NOT your fault and you had no way of knowing this without having had prior surgey with this particular doctor. There are some very good doctors out there. They may be harder to find but once found they will make a major differance to all the problems you suffer as a women with incurable disease. I am assuming that the cyst was an endometrioma. Those of us with Endo seem to suffer from them the most. They can be difficult to treat if our doctors are not skilled in dealing with them. I had a 4-5 cm one rupture and it really hurt! That stuff inside, the bloody endo, is like super glue! The tube wrapped around my bowel and glued the ovary and bowel to my uterus. The only option my doctor had given me was a hyserectomy; the same doctor who had talked me out of a hysterectomy one year before because stats showed how poorly we did afterwards. How 60-80% of us still had endo problems, how a hyst is not a cure. At that point I had endo for 23 years and it was time to implament my back up plan. Time to go see a famous endo doctor. If you start lurking around some of the endo forums on line you'll find out quickly who they are. Most of these doctors truly live up to their reputations. Mine did! About Lupron - please re-think the use of it! I've been that route too and it is the most horrifying thing that has ever happened in my life. It continues to be. I took it in 1992 and it's effects are still with me today. Lupron was designed for men with advanced prostate cancer. It is an active Peptide, Class X drug -chemotherapy. It shuts down your pituitary gland; which your body needs in order to function, to live. A non-functioning pituitary gland leads to all kinds of medical problems that may or may not go away when Lupron is stopped. I had a stroke and continue to have a type of headache called complicated migraine, which causes stroke like symptoms. If my headaches are not stopped, I could die. This is only one problem Lupron caused me. It also destroyed part of my immune system by disrupting the pituitary-adrenal axis. Before you agree to take it, ask a pharmacist, a neurologist, an endocrinologist, your GP, anyone other than the doctor trying to give it to you. Look at the FDA records, look at how many complaints there are against this drug. Over 10,000, why is it still on the market? Because during phase IV clinical trial (me) the information was not given to the FDA like it was supposed to be. There was a loop hole, a pay-off to the doctors. The makers are already paying hundreds of millions to the government for marketing fraud right now involving Medicare and urologists for the prostate cancer side, but it won't be long before they prosecute the gynecologists as well. Well, as you can see I have strong feeling about Lupron. There are so many other safe choices. Lupron should never be one of them! Good luck to you!


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