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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/upper arm/shoulder pain


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Oh Boy, can I relate to you...I have tennis elbows in both arms (since Dec 99)frm assembly line work too. I have been thru several therapies, doctors. I had an orthopede quit on me as he didn't want ANOTHER work comp case (that really blew my mind) So, I am afraid everytime I see a Dr. that they will quit....I have been off work this time since Jan 5, 01. Three cortisone shots in left arm as that is the worst one now. 2 shots in my right and that one is doing quite well, surprisingly. I had a cortisone shot in my left shoulder once as the pain has traveled up the upper arm to the shoulder and upper back. I was told I had Myofascial Pain Syndrome learn to live with it and go back to work...now I am told I am getting a frozen shoulder and I better keep stretching it and doing my therapy otherwise I will have to be put to sleep and the Dr. will have to stretch it...It is sooo painful I keep rubbing it etc, icing it, run cold water over it in the morning to get moving. Fortunately, the latest Dr. increased my medications. He allowed me to take Celebrex 2x/daily,muscle relaxer's and a sleeping aide. I am not into medication but I will do it as of right now. I am hoping this new Dr. I am seeing tomorrow will really help me. He is a physical medicine and rehab Dr. I did get an atty (dec 1,00). because my job refuses to admit it is work-comp. I have been working at this place 25 years and I am only 45 (next month). What I have found out is how pitiful our medical system is...the gov't is cracking down on the Dr's to send people back to work, no lengthy time off. My Dr. puts me down to return to work will be determined at next appt. His restrictions in part says NO REPETITIVE MOTION OF EITHER ARMS. That restriction is what keeps me from working cause they say they can't accommadate it (political). Now with you, they have tests that can prove you do have carpal tunnel but the elbows never show anything as that is like a no man's land for the Dr's. So, it has been really difficult for me to convince the Dr's how painful it is. Now that I can't hardly lift my left arm and any little tweak of my arm can send EXCRUTIATING PAIN UP AND DOWN MY ARM. Then I am out of commission and can barely do anything. There has to be some Dr. that will help you ~ keep trying, call an atty at least for advice. You cannot imagine how much more damage it will do to you if you don't do something quickly. Email me if you would like! Best of Luck, I know how awful it is. I took Advil, then Naprosyn, now Celebrex as it is easier on your stomach and liver.


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