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Hi Ladies, Have gone to the oncoligist my Dr.s recomended but was not satisfied with her. She called me back herself, no recepitionist. When we went to see her there was no recepitionist at the desk which I though was strange and no other patients even though it was a Friday at 5:00pm. She came out to us and said to follow her inside without even introducing herself to my husband and myself, we weren't even sure she was the Dr. She seemed like she was falling a sleep when she was hand writting my medical history on to a looseleaf paper, asked the same questions more than one of two times. Didn't even give me a robe to put on so she could examine my incision, so I had to undress with her in the room. Didn't tell my what she was checking for when she took my blood or when to return for my next visit.(approximatly in 4 months, no appointment, I should call her when it gets close to that time) I had to ask all these questions!!! She did explain why I was recomended to go onto tomaxifin and what it does to the pre cancer cells. She also did mention she was on tomaxifin but didn't specify why. I later found out from my internist nurse she heard that this Dr. was also suffering from breast cancer. I feel sorry when someone is not well since I know first hand how it is, but I feel if she wasn't having a good day, or if she had just had a cancer treatment, she should have not had me come in or she should have explained that she was under the weather. At the end of the consultation she didn't really dismiss us we sort of dismissed ourselves. I told my internist and my surgeon and they told me to go to another Dr. which they recomended, if I felt uncomfortable with her, since I will most likely have to be seen by a oncoligist for the rest of my life. I am now investigating which Dr.to go to. Does anyone know how to get info. on Dr.'s education, how good they are, ect., on the web for free?? This is for Gippy, I never heard of associated architectural distortion, what is it, did you find out?? Also what is BIRADS5? How do you know if you have it? Is there a certian test, how much is it, does insurance usually cover it? What does it mean if you have it?? My Surgeon and other Dr.s said microcalsifications could be pre cancerous cells so they should be watched and if there is any change, (I had more 6 months later), they must be biopsyed (removed along with the surrounding tissue). I am very glad they went in and removed the 2" tissue (a lumpotomy without a lump), LOL, because if they left it in, I would be even more concerned and worried and probably would have requested the Dr. go in again to remove it (2 surgeries instead of 1). No thanks!! Well I'll sign off for now, I'll keep all of you posted. Sorry I went on so long, just wanted to let you know all the info. Take care, hope to read your new replies soon. Your healthlink friend, Camille


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