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adhd,obsessive compulsive disorder,and generalized anxiety . HAVE YOU HEARD?


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Eric, Hi, I am Liz. I have had OCD for over 20 years. Also a stress problem, that I cannot seem to overcome. But as far as OCD, I went to a Dr. 4 years ago and got on Prozax. The first month on it was rough, I was also nervous and jittery. It is common to have these simptoms the first month, but after time I bacame "much" less OCD. I finally felt a change! I became less obsessive in my daily work and weekly errands. It was a great feeling! I didn't worry about everything I "thought" I had to do all the time! I just handled all the weekly priorities, such as getting to work daily, paying my bills, doing my laundry, weekly grocery shopping, eating properly, and "most" of all finding time atleast "once" a week to do something fun. My enjoyment seems to be doing something athletic, like walking or indoor skating. (it's something that I'm good at ) I found weekly exercise of some form helped me so much more! I am up to 60 mg of Prozax. And it seems to be just right for me. However, I do also have a stress problem dealing with co workers. I try to stay away from negative people, and find people that laugh alot. It also has helped me with stress, but I still have a problem in that area, which I'm battling daily. I try not to bring my work problems home with me, but sometimes it's difficult. That's why I think it is important to have a couple of "good" friends. It's rough, and I'm tired of taking medicine, except Prozax! I am on the net alot! I have joined a Personal Dating Ad Column. I do pay for being in the column, but it is so nice to get letters from people, sometimes I get invited for coffee meets! But am very cautious before I allow a coffee meet. I must see a recent photo, e mail them at least a week and talk by phone, and then it they sound nice, then we have a coffee meet. Unfortunately I haven't found a companion, but I have made a few "good" friends, this way! It takes some time and patience. Things don't always happen. I learned that I must reach out and find whatever I can that makes me happy, even if it's just a "good morning" to say to a neighbor or co worker, or even a stranger in the grocery store. Sorry to get off the topic of OCD, but usually we have problems that somehow connect from having OCD. Have you given Prozax or something similar, a chance to work? If you still don't have luck, I found that dicipling myself with weekly exercise is very beneficial! But it's rough, and you have to stick with it, I found.... Find some kind of athletic exercise that interests you and get yourself out of the house! I found I had to push myself many times, for many, many, years, but when I finished my 5 mi walk or whatever it is, I feel "good!" Sorry, I hope this isn't off the track with your problem, but let me know, how you are doing and what you are doing and maybe I can give you some tips, and maybe even vise vera... Please write me, I know about OCD! I've been dealing with it myself, like I said for about 20 years! Oh, I am 43 yrs and am single, it's hard to have a relationship, when you have these kinds of problems... And I've been to many Dr's over the years!!!!! Maybe we all should just stick together and learn different things from each other! Eric, write me, maybe I can help with some little tid bit of what you are dealing with! Liz


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