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Forever Fibromyalgia Issues

Mary Miller

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For those of you searching for information about Fibromyalgia, I would like for you to know that there are many sides to the problem of getting to the "real issues" that face people with Fibromyalgia. In the past seven years, I have reseached this disease (yes, I call it that)and seen how it has affected women, in particular (no offense to the men). And the number one conclusion I have come up to about how the medical community chooses to look at this is thus: 1. Women out of shape need exercise. 2. Women who do not exercise do not sleep well, thereby causing "fibrofog" which they believe is only based on sleep deprevation. 3. Women who do not sleep well are b*tchy and tend to complain more, go to the doctor, and get depressed because they are b*tchy. 4. The "pain" we experience is based on our emotional lack, and our lack of sleep. Look, I am not trying to drive the community down, but please, if I can, lets look at the facts. It is a Hormone Disease. It is an effect of the endrocine system gone bozo, for the lack of a better term. The Pituitary, Thymus, Hypothalamus Axis is affected, changing cellular development in the "Krebs" cycle of the cells growth. This could also explain why we have "ropey" tissue growth, that causes most of us to have Endometriosis problems. This could also explain why we have spots that literally stick out from our bodies when we are in a flare (but remember folks, we have no inflamation--right.) Back to the chemistry of FMS. You know those drugs that people are now taking to loose weight? The Citocan, and Pyruvate--to reduce fat and carbohydrates? Part of what they do, affect this cycle. Could we just take those suppliments and be fine? No. Because our bodies has a DNA problem, it converts the Pyruvate into unreadable patterns that make it uneffective--this is why lots of folks who have tryed Malic Acid don't feel much effect (not saying EVERYONE, just many don't seem to feel the energy difference--no flame letters, please). What can you do? Well, many of the posts are correct: you need sleep! Many use Malitonin to help them sleep--not bad choice, but remember over a long period of time can cause depression. Neurontin (my drug of choice) in high enough dosage can cause you to sleep like a baby. It's a good drug, because it reduces your pain levels so you can have a life again. But like all things, see your doctor. Do we need exercise? Yes, but not the high impact aerobics that I hear Oregon's FMS requesting!!! Walking is the best form of exercise we can do along with stretching. Special Diets--well if it helps you feel better, but I don't think it affects the combinating DNA/RNA zippering pattern that causes the cellular brake down. Enjoy people, de-stress your life. and regardless of what the "Professionals" say, you know your body the best. Trust your inner instincts with all advice. My love to you all. Mary


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