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Heart attack @ 23


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I had a massive heart attack at the age of 24. Well I had only been 24 years old for 24 days to be exact. I went to the hospital for chest pain and shortness of breath three times before I had my massive heart attack. The first doctor in the ER said I had Acute chest wall pain secondary to Chest wall pain and brochitis and to keep taking what my family doctor gave me which were Albuterol and Flovent then sent me on my way (this visit was on 9/9/00), the second doctor said I had chest wall pain and gave me Tylenol #3 and Relafen my blood pressure was 158/104 this time then he sent me on my way (this visit was on 9/15/00), the third doctor in the ER told me I had asthma told me to use everything the first and second doctor told me to use and sent me on my way (this visit was on 9/26/00) so I kept taking all these meds and the pain never stopped just got worse but I thought hey they are doctors they have to know what they're talking about. Then on 11/21/00 I started eating Tums like candy but the pain never went away and the day after Thanksgiving (24th) my chest hurt so bad I got sick threw up, passed out, broke out in a cold sweat, had pain in my neck, back, chest, and arms (this pain was like a cold burning). I was very weak I just thought it was the Flu but something told me it was a heart attack so when my husband got home and seen me he knew something was really wrong and took me to the hospital once again. At the hospital I was rushed to a room and hooked up to a EKG and the doctor looked at my husband and said your wife is having a massive heart attack from there I was giving all kinds of things and taken in so they could put a stent in one of my main arteries where the blockage was, while in there I went into cardiac arrest (my heart stopped for one minute) the shocked me with 360 wyatts to start my heart back up. After all this I really don't remember much, I do remember them wheeling me out and looking up at my older sister (the one who took me to the hospital the second time) and saying I told you I was having a F***ing heart attack, then I was out again, I came around off and on while being in ICU for three days but really don't remember a lot. This whole time I told everyone of these doctors that I was having a heart attack but they just blew me off like I was crazy or something they didn't even bother to write that I told them I thought I was having a heart attack down in their so called notes. So needless to say here I am on 8 or 9 different meds a day with two small children that could have been motherless all due to three different doctors thinking they know everything and making a big mistake. Never once did they take my blood to see if my heart was in distress even though I told them what was wrong with me. I also have the genetic cholesterol disorder. One of my cholesterol levels were 233 while in the hospital and the other was 28.8. I still don't know what my diagnosis is to this day all I know is I'm on a lot of meds for not knowing exactly what's wrong with me. Well that's my life story hope this helps someone in my shoes, don't let them say it's something when you know it's something else, your body knows and it'll let you know. Thanks, Pepsi You can contact me at Bobbysgirl9294@aol.com


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