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Attention deficit disorder


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As a recently diagnosed adult with ADHD, I am 46 now and was 43 when diagnosed. I have so much empathy for all dealing with this BUT I have tons of information for you! First call CHADD(Children and adults with attention deficitdisorder) 1-800-233-4050. Then call the ADD warehouse at 1-800-233-9273. They will send you a booklet of books available for you to send for. AND they had a book that wasn't even in the latest catalogue that I had. You must get this! This one is really for adults with add or adhd & titled "What does everybody else know that I don't?" By Michele Novotni, PH.D It's social skills help for us with this disorder. You know you make social faux pas but you're clueless on how to avoid the problems and keep from annoying those around you. They have many books geared to the childs problem too including add and the law. You can have power behind your punch if you start spouting parts of "The americans with disabilities act". One last thing, did you know that 25% of all children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD are actually only SLEEP DEPRIVED? I seem to need more sleep than most but I think it's because, even medicated, my mind goes a zillion miles an hour and I can get so hyper focused into something I've actually had to be removed from the project I was on and put to bed where I fell asleep within seconds. I was so exausted I couldn't stop (plus it was going very badly because I was so tired) I have also found out for me personnally that if I have too much refined sugar - cookies, chocolate etc. I either bounce off the walls for a bit then I become exausted and either very cranky or depressed. Eat Protien if this happens, cheese, lunch meat, chicken whatever is a good protein. Lastly is I have seen parents become so frustrated with their childs behavior that they scream or strike the child because of the nerve wracking misbehavior. (I sometimes drive my own self nuts - especially when I'm over tired) Smacking and yelling at that child to stop behaving a certain way is like telling a diabetic that they don't need insulin! I've worked with several children with ADHD & I lose my patience and I should understand more than anyone! All yelling & hitting will do is give that child a low self easteam because no matter how hard they try they can't be what you want them to be! They already have the social stigma that they are different then their peers so it's their parents that need to give their love and unconditional support to. You have to spend more time with this child and encourage rather the constant discouragement they always here. Remember the least loveable child is the one that needs love the most. Check into the books and there are support groups out there too. Or start one! There is behaviour modification techniques you all can learn if you choose not to medicate your child, BUT you and everyone else has to stick to it! I need to interject here that if you or the child IS medicated DON'T let the time between pills get away from you. Some of the pills for this - I'm on dexadrine & this happens to me alot because with the ADHD I forget to take the next dose, they have a bad re-bound affect. That's when you hit that terrible dip between pills if you don't take the next one on time. If you think your child misbehaves before their meds it's twice as bad if they're let go into re-bound. It's awful. Spend lots of time reading about this and the internet has TONS of info on ADHD. I am finding that most drs. are clueless as how to treat adults with ADHD. YOU have to do your homework and I do know how frustrating this can be! Just remember, even though many people with ADD & ADHD have been found to have some sort of learning disability (I'm slightly dyslexic and I can't do math to save my life!) we have also been found to usually have a higher IQ than most. You just have to figure out how to lasso their strengths and encourage these. Well, my blessings & prayers just remember how special this persons gifts are!


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