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I came across this today also... please read below my e-mail to them via "Contact us" on their website. Some of my background: I have had 6+ years of medical transcription experience with a national transcription company, have been a licensed massage therapist for 15+ years, and have read medically-oriented literature extensively. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TEXT OF MY E-MAIL INQUIRY TO THEM: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am aware that one cause of major heart/stroke events is when a chunk of Plaque/"scale" sloughs-off from artery walls and then travels to the brain/heart/lungs etc. Since Angioprim, by your definition, causes the "breakdown" of "scale" etc., please advise me how "scale" is prevented from creating an acute event of the type mentioned above. Have there been -any- instances of a stroke or heart/circulatory event being either initiated or facilitated by this action? >>>What is the name of the company producing this product??<<< When you send this product to potential consumers, is there enclosed any kind of informational material(s) detailing active and inactive ingredients...mode of action... and -especially-interactions with other medications? It does seem to me that if someone is on anticoagulants already (as are many people with heart and/or circulatory problems), then Angioprim, which - according to your description - also acts as an anticoagulant, would likely create the potential for a serious "bleed" internally or externally. It also occurs to me that if Angioprim does create proliferation of small peripheral veins to "get around the obstruction [paraphrase].." -- then it necessary to note that its use is contraindicated for persons with diabetic retinopathy and similar conditions. Also - since you have said that effects of Angioprim work so quickly -- within hours-days-weeks -- then why do you only sell it in large amounts of 3 bottles (or more) at a time for $180 to $399.00?? Why cannot the potential consumer buy it one bottle at a time? Please advise...thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For more information which is "between the lines" please read their sites (there is more than one) extensively, including how to get involved with selling this product. Please observe that they dangle in front of the potential Angioprim agent a luxurious lifestyle etc. They say they have an aggressive internet presence and by jingo, they certainly DO! If you do a Google search, 99% of what you will see are results headed-up "diabetes results," "blood test results,"cardiovascular test results" ad infinitum (ad nauseam, actually!). The single continually-recurring phrase I saw was "Angioprim...you can bet your life on it!" HMMMMMMmmmm...maybe -so-..! It is **awfully** suspicious to me that a company/individual (?? what is the name and credentials of this will-o-the-wisp?) which motivates its agent-sellers through promise of riches, noting that monthly sales of health-related products is a "hot commodity" in their words... and which motivates buyers of its products through *fear* and also through *convenience* and *fast and easy* verbiage... and which does not state up front on its websites the actual name/location/credentials of the manufacturer... should give a potential consumer great cause for caution. Remember the phrase "caveat emptor" which in Latin means "buyer beware!". Hopefully, you wouldn't "...bet your life on Angioprim" and come up a loser! Unless you are easily convinced by "peer-group" comments "...from our customers..." and are additionally willing to gamble the use of this product without some more substantial documentation -- I would be VERY careful. Certainly, I would not take this without my MD's knowledge or awareness, especially due to potential and unknown interactions with meds you may already be taking. But then, of course, the seed of distrust has already been planted regarding MDs and the medical profession... Don't get me wrong... I'm certainly all for a better way to handle medical conditions rather than indiscriminate use of drugs, with side-effects on top of side-effects, and rather than resorting to needless surgery. But who can professionally and authoritatively vouch for the fact that this is indeed the "miracle cure" that has been awaited... and that it is NOT just a "hot commodity" way to make a monthly income generated by public ignorance? Please... "look before you leap" and end up going "from the frying pan into the fire"...! LYNDA


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