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Treatment for Chronic Epididymitis


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BEFORE U READ: REMEMBER ONLY GOD CAN HEAL YOU, U CAN NEVER BE CURED EVEN BY GOING TO ANY BIG DOCTOR OF THE WORLD UNTILL GOD WANTS U TO BE CURED, PRAY TO HIM ALWAYS, AND HE WILL CURE YOU!!! UR TRUST N BELIEVES SHOULD ALWAYS BE IN GOD.(DO READ THE ADVICE GIVEN AT THE LAST). Hello my name is sam . I am 20 years old. I had an operation of hernia n appendix a couple of years ago. Now I was having the same problem as u do. It happened in May I was coming back from my college I felt pain in my right side I was scared and do not talked to anyone about it. After some days a severe pain started above my growing (it was really unbearable) I talked to my friend about it (the one I thought is the best) but he turned over n walked away (my heart bumped in my chest but I did not lose my spirit) then I went to my athletic club where I once used to go during my school days, I brought up my courage n talked to one of my senior. He helped me (although I never expected) encouraged me n said,"dont worry u’ll be fine ", I asked him should I tell my parents he said its not need yet. He gave me a card of a doctor and I went to doctor (a very kind person), he gave me antibiotics, I took for a week but no result, then I told my father that there is a pain where I had appendix operation (I did not tell him that its on the right side ) then my father took me to hospital, the surgeon(I told the surgeon all the things) gave me the same antibiotics, it was diagnose as a chronic epididymitus. I took the antibiotics but still no result (the pain did not went away) then I again went to the same doctor n this time he changed the antibiotics (ciprofloxin) I took for fourteen days (May n June passed in this n July came) but there was still pain on my right side n I adopted it b/c I read this page and came to know that the pain of chronic epididymitus can never go, but my spirit lift up after i read this page(i'm not alone on this ship) n tried to think of good things to make myself happy specially of 13th July b/c it was my birth day. But guess what? On 2nd July I was working on computer n spent five hours n on the same night the pain started on the left side too oh God!! (This was the first time I called God during all the pain I can never forget the day’s n nights of that TIME) I thought this must be the gift on my 20th birthday, but I went to the doctor again n he gave me more antibiotics, but during those days my life changed completely I started praying to God with all my heart n soul n I felt that I have the spirit n courage to fight with more then this severe pain, I stopped taking antibiotics and my hopes were in God that only He can heal me!!! Then I thought why not go to urologist, (I think this was from the God) then I went to him, he examined me n did not gave me antibiotics but gave me medicine (of multi vitamins +minerals and a strong pain killer (ponstan forte)). Thanks God my pain went away in 10 days n now I am feeling very good (but im still using medicine that will end up after a week), only I feel a bit weakness my Jesus who healed me will give me the strength. I must tell u I have started to read Bible regularly and always read some psalm and other verses these give me strength that I have never experienced before!! Do go through psalm 13,20,32 & 46 during Ur problems n you will feel the power to stand against Ur problem n worries. If you want to share or ask anything u are welcome I will try to reply as soon as possible. May God bless you all. trust: education makes ur life,but bible saves ur life.. ADVICE: U SHOULD TAKE THE MEDICINES AS UR DOCTOR ADVICES U DONOT TAKE ANYOTHER MEDICINE AFTER READING FROM ANY SITE. AND NO MASREBATION THAT CAN ONLY MAKE THINGS WORSE. I KNOW EVERYONE BELIEVES IN MIRACLE.YES! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN BUT U HAVE TO WORK HARD TO HAPPEN THEM.


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