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vomiting blood


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Kyle was born on September 7, 2001; he weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz. and was 19 inches long. He was born with reflux and healthy. Kyle had every blanket and sleeper dirty in the hospital, I spent a lot of time changing him but I was assured that this was normal and a lot of babies do it. He continued to spit up right intell his next feeding even projectile and eating all the time! He grew really fast and big he is in the 75th percentile for his age, he started solids (cereal) at 2 months because he was hungry all the time. On January 14th we took Kyle in to the ER because he started wheezing. He was put on the puffers and had an ear infection. His wheeze only got worse and it could now be herd across a room but he didn’t seem to be suffering from any asthma attacks. The puffers didn’t seem to be doing anything for his wheeze. The wheezing came and went, as it wanted to. He wheezed for nine more weeks. In this time I took to ER a few more times because of ear infections and the wheezing. I took him to my family doctor twice before getting referred to a pedietrictian, at that time I was told he was wheezing coming more from neck and it was probably from reflux. The doctors could only hear the wheeze in the chest sometimes and never by the same doctor. Testing was not needed because to was obvious that he had reflux he spit up in the pediatrictian’s office 8 times in 20 minutes. Kyle started gagging and choking on his food and bottles and wasn’t eating half as much as he did. I went back and asked if the pedietrictian thought Kyle should be on Zantac and she told me that it would do more harm than good and she would only give prescribe it if he vomits blood. I was mad and I went back to my family doctor and he told me the same thing about doing more harm. He is a healthy boy, at a good weight and so on….. I accepted the answers that the doctors had giving me and decided there was nothing else that I could do. I was stressed and my family and friends were too. The wheezing stopped and I put in behind me and started waiting for him to outgrow the reflux but no sign of it letting up. On Friday April 26th we took Kyle to the ER because he was breathing really fast for a few days but I didn’t hear any wheezing and his spit up turned blackish, brownish, and I knew he didn’t have anything that colour to eat that day. They tested it for blood and it was positive, he was giving Zantac for 30 days. His breathing was 60 breathes per minute with a little wheeze and was giving 9 puffs of salvent, x-rays were clear, no RSV, and no diabetes. Over the next few days Kyle developed a fever and black diarhia every hour accompanied with a nasty rash. He is waking during the night and crying. He has not spit up since Saturday morning. By Monday morning he seemed better but I took him in anyway and it turned out he had bad ear infections in both ears. And was given antibodies and cream for his rash which was probably from yeast. Monday April 29th Kyle is refusing his bottles and food; he is gagging and choking on them. He has dry diapers today but still drooling and has tears. Sleeping good tonight! I all ready tried to get a GI but the family doctor doesn't even think that I need a pedietrictian. I need help and advice. Thanks


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