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hip bursitis


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Elaine, That message strand had gone up to 46 so I hope this starts a new one. I had missed your replys and just read them. I also read about the vioxx helping for some people. It didn't touch mine. I have been on every anti-inflammatory and have given up on them. I really think the surgery is worth a try if you can catch it before it gets too bad and I think if I had a good dr. the first operation maybe I would be better. When I had the second surgery by Dr. Clancey at the univ. of alabama, the dr. told me the scar tissue and inflammation was so bad they could not get through it to do the intended surgery so I am probably going to be in pain management for the rest of my life. You asked how I got the bursitis, from lifting patients and then a heavy desk helping my husband lift a desk onto his truck and my pain went into the left leg 6 months later too so I have it in both legs also and to top it off I got fibromyalgia 2 years later which started on a sunday morning not being able to turn my neck or hold the newspaper up to read it and then it has spread all through these tender points. I had a party for my son the other week and I was on my back recovering 9 days before my morphine would even work again, that is how bad it is and how I have to pace myself. I am trying accupuncture again tomorrow after it failing a few years ago but I want to give it a good try before I see about getting a dorsal column stimulator. Yes, I do have back problems that came with this injury. I am extremely tender on my L-5 so much so that I scream if you touch it, the sacriiliac hurts and is tender and I have a grade II spondololythesis in the L-5 S-1 but it is nothing compared to the constant, pain of my hip even with all this medicine but I cannot live without it or I would be in bed miserable and I would not want to live at all. I hate what this has done to my life with taking all the medicine and going to the pain management dr. every month, I am so fed up with it but what choice is there, and glucosomine someone was talking about, I am allergic to that. The cortisone never helped me enough or long enough for it to be worth giving it to me. I had 20 shots and my leg lost pigmentation and turned black in that area, it is okay now, luckily. The stupid dr. asked me if I bumped into something, what a joke. I do go to a warm water pool at the hospital where I go to pain management and it is over 90 degrees and it feels good while I am in there. Most people who have bursitis really severe are unable to walk especially uphill so the only way I get any exercise is to swim. I cannot stand in one place or walk very far like in a store or my pain level goes up and I end up taking more medicine so I have to be careful. I think the big thing that distinguishes bursitis from arthritis is the stabbing pain versus the stiffness in arthritis and they encourage them to exercise to help their stiffness but our bursitis where the bursa is rubbing against the it band and creating friction by moving the joint is causing us more pain. Someone said one of those pillows, I wish it was so easy. I have found that not one thing but a combination of the medicines, maybe a tens unit which I use, elevation of your legs on a couple pillows which helps me, sometimes capsaicin creme, ice, or heat, the warm pool, no massage which would send me screaming through the roof, my dog who is a bischon who weighs 13 pounds can't even put his paw on my hip/thigh without hurting me. and a lot of rest helps and prayer which sure can't hurt.


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