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Acne Prevention AND TIPS

Michael Proter

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Hi! i am 16 right now and had acne for 3 years.. Its a very big problem for me anyway. I will tell you some tips and the products i use if u want to use them too. Ok, lets start. For many people out there, the use of the soap BETAISODONA standarised Skin Cleanser with FUCIDIN antibiotic 15 g gel 2% ....will bring them the total happiness. Just first wash your skin.. this is the most important part.. when i do it i wash it hard so that it really works.. and then i put the FUCIDIN on my face.. morning and night..i am talking that in 1.5 week you wont see acne in your face (thats the way it worked for me!). Of course then i stopped it.. my dr told me to use other products... and now i have some acne.. JUST USE IT! Now.. what i use now is a product for the GARNIER..Its (1) GARNIER SYNERGIE PURE: DEEP PORE WASH then (2)GARNIE SYNERGIE PURE: PORE PURIFYING ASTRINGENT then (3)GARNIE SYNERGIE PURE:SEBUM CONTROLE..... use them if you have less acne too... it can even cure dont know... bigger problems... Also, of what i remember.. i have never drinked much water... only 3-4 glasses a day.. and i am thinking that this may be the main problem... so from today i ll drink 10 GLASSES A DAY! do it do!!! Then, i know that it will really help you to drink water with some lemon added in it every night.. it will clean you in the inside! Use this too.. BUT DO IT EVERYNIGHT!! Well, i also use RETIN A.. but not always... only when i think i have too.. and when my acne gets worse... RETIN A really makes it better for me. JUST DONT USE IT EVERYDAY... AND DONT PUT MUCH OF IT..or after some days.. u ll get pelling and that way u ll hate it! PUT IT AFTER EVERY OTHER DAY,,, AND A PROPER QUANTITY..(read its leaflet!) Ermm.. other things i know...Oh! about the acne in the backs and other places.. I know the secret there too.. ALWAYS SHAMPOO AND PUT YOUR CONDITIONERS in your shower (and anything that is for your hair anyway)IN THE START! THEN PUT YOUR SOAP.. and be sure to soap your back very well.. use soaps that dry your skins.. and not full of oils... I use CUSSONS:imperial leather... AND ITS DAMN GOOD! I know this is a big letter... i guess print it if you want... I ll never use ACCUTANE ... i used Minocin pellets.. my dermatologist gave me some more.. but i just dont want to take them.. With the use of my GARNIER products now.. i just dont have any more for the time being... Ok.. if i learn more tips.. i ll say them to you.. P.S. About the masks.. THE BEST I KNOW AND THE BEST FOR THOSE THAT HAVE ACNE IS THE CLAY MASK! just ask it from your dermatologist or i dont know where! There are also products which use it.. but its not clean CLAY.. i suggest them too.. they are good.. Ok.. bye and have a nice day! EXE GEIA from GREEK CYPRUS! PSS: I masturbate... and i believe thats another part of having acne.. During the exams.. where i was full of stress.. had no sleep.. etc.. and of course had not time to masturbate... all my acne gone away.. ISNT THAT great>? Of course.. i cant stop masturbating.. I hope you REPLY to me.. bye


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