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Reply to 65963 Acid reflux disorder! sorry i couldn't get into the reply!

Donna Simington

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Hi,i am going through the same thing so i bought a book called The Herbal Drugstore this imformation was found under heartburn i also have a book Natural Medicines and Cures your doctor never tells you about.First have your mother checked for a hiatal hernia this is a condition in which part of the stomach slides up into your chest area and causes burning pain like a bad heart attack, also do this as soon as possible block up the top of her bed with books or wood blocks at least 6 inches she'll fuss it feels like a sliding board for a month, but it will help her a great deal if she can stay in bed.I now use a hospital bed i got mine used for $25.00 at a home and property sale!Some people sleep on recliners use what ever she has in her home!The doctor could order her a hospital bed at her age also.This may be the hardest part yet changing her diet.I'm on my third week of change of diet and its finally starting to help me! I could hardly talk i have uclers on my voice box from it which can turn to cancer if left go! I am 51 just in case your mother wonders how old i am! Here we go AVOID, 17 juices with citrus acids orange,lemon, and grapefruit juice,11 soft drinks,I DRINK NO POPS,3 alcoholic beverages i don't drink so i don't no what they are....no tea,coffee,or choclate milk or choclate candy and no more than 2% milk they say use skim milk only! Get rid of white sugar if possible or cut back,i am using unbleached from an herbal store,use sugarless candylike lozenges NO Hauls,NO spicy foods or tomatoes,garlic,onions,green or red peppers,fatty foods,no nicotine not even 2nd handed,this will cause burning pain in the esophagus and the pain is the same pain in the chest as a heart attack,avoid straining and lifting limit 5 to 10 lbs.all the above will irritate the stomach lining making the paim much worse...i went through this all so i know what i'm talking about first handed any thing that cause heart burn avoid!!! Stick to small more frequent meals,cut back on fats, especially deep fried foods,white sugar,unrefined carbohydrates do not eat or take pills before going to bed stay up at least an hour, no naps after eating either say sit upright!Avoid all spicy foods stay away from fennel,lemon balms,lemon juice, lemon hard candy, peppermint of any kind and spearmint many spices and seasonings also cause heart burn with acid reflux i think strawberries would be a no no also.If she can stay away from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,such as aspirn,ibuprofen,and naproxen unless its absolutely a must,these drugs will futher irritate the esophageal lining. The book also says if you have a stomach loose it!! I weighed 196 two weeks ago i lost 8 lbs in two weeks.Eating a little more often will keep her from being hungry!Check out the veggies and safe fruit this will take a few weeks for her to adjust but it will help if she can stick to it.I didn't smoke but my husband did and the second handed smoke was as bad as if i smoked, he no longer smokes in our house...I bought smokers candles at an Herb store to remove the old stale smoke in our home they really seem to help if need be try them.$5.00 each.Get a cool humidfier also. "NOT a vaporizer" I pray this helps your mother in many ways good luck and God Bless! Donna


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