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toxic mold invades our home


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Hello I wanted to let you all know about the experience that we have had with TOXIC MOLD that is in our house. There are 3 of us who lived in the house. My husband, my 13 yr old daughter and myself. We were constantly having sinus/allergy problems, we all had frequent sore throats, headaches. Our nose, throat, and eyes would burn alot. This all started in late summer, early fall of 99. By that fall I had started to have some bad memory problems. Memory problems so severe that by Nov 99 I went to the Dr because I thought I had Alzheimers. They did MRI and scans and blood tests and found nothing. At first the memory started out I just could not seem to concentrate. But then it got worse. I would take my daughter to school and couldn't remember where she was at. I started out to go see my son one day and couldn't remember where he lived. I would forget how to get to the school where my daughter went to school. It was really scarey. Somewhere during all this I had complained to my Dr that I was losing my hair. It was getting thinner and was getting more noticeable and by Christmas of 99 I was wearing a wig because I had lost so much hair that I had an almost bald spot on my head. I began having back and joint pain. It was like muscle spasms in my back and my hips and ankle joints would hurt and swell. Blood tests revealed that my Thyroid was extremely high. Then I started having stomach problems. My stomach hurt all the time. I found lumps that come up in my breast. Then before I knew it I was having problems with my kidneys/bladder. I lost complete control of my bladder by spring of 2000. I had started to have nose bleeds. Then my cholestrol level started to escalate. By June of 2000 my Dr also told me that my blood pressure had been steadily increasing for the past several visits and that we needed to get it under control with diet and exercise or I would have to start some med for that also. Within another month my Blood Pressure was 196/117. My daugter also was having problems. About the same time I started having problems with my memory her grades started falling. She has always been an A/B student and now she was barely passing some and failing some. She was having an extremely hard time sleeping at night. Infact by Oct of 99 we actually started giving her med to get her to sleep at night. Then she started sleepwalking alot. We would find her in the back yard in the middle of the night out by the swimming pool and she would be sound asleep walking around. She also would get these sores around the lobes of her ear and around her nose. They would heal and come right back. She often complained of her stomach hurting, having a headache or being dizzy. It was like she had the flu all the time. She would tell us she felt like she could not concentrate. My husband had these sores on his hands that looked just like the ones on my daughters ears and nose. They would heal up and come right back. He would have a real hard time breathing. He said so many times, if I could just get a deep breath I think I would feel better. He felt like he was suffocating. He was having severe sinus allergy problems with alot of sinus infections. He said he felt like when he was talking he would have a hard time remembering how to use words or couldn't recall words to use. It was the concentration thing. It just seemed like we all had the flu all the time. We all had these lesion like sores either in our mouths or in our nose all the time. We all had headaches and flu like symptoms constantly. Several times we took our temps and it was weird but we would have low body temps instead of high. Many times our temp would not be 97 even. We had a man come out to our house to tell us and the insurance company what it was going to cost to fix a place in our floor that had buckled up due to a water leak that we had had and he is the one who told us that we had a problem bigger than a buckled floor. At first when he told us about the mold we thought he was crazy. I started researching about mold and what all it could do I started going thru our house and doing a visual. Our entire house was covered with mold under neath the floor. We have a pier and beam so it was easy to see that. But then I pulled some wall paper back from the sheetrock and saw that every room in our house that had wallpaper it was black underneath the paper. The sheet rock was black with mold. We realized we had a huge problem and called an air quality specialist and they came and immediately told us to leave our home and not to take anything with us. We had a friend that came out to our house 2 times right before we moved out and knew what was going on and both times she was in the Emergency Room both times within 24 hrs because she could not breathe and was dizzy. I had another friend that was over alot and she had the same sores on her hand that my husband had on his. Plus she was having problems with her kidneys and bladder control. The couple who worked for us which was there in and around our home everyday was also sick. The man was having trouble remembering what he was doing. He told me he was going back sometimes 3 times to make sure he had done something. His wife was getting dizzy and nauseated at our house alot and had a kidney infection all the time it seemed. It never dawned on any of us that the problem could be my house. Even our dogs were sick. The couple who worked there would bring their dog and he would throw up at my house. They said he never did that at their house. Our dog in the house would throw up and like gag alot. I would find places where she would have diahrerra alot. This is a healthy 4 yr old dog that was house broken. I also had a dog who lost her puppies, she aborted them about 3 wks before they were due. Now I wonder if that was the reason. When our dog was ck'd blood tests revealed her thyroid was way high. We have since learned that different types of mold affect different things. It can affect your Central Nervous System, Respiratory system, Pulmonary system, Endocrine system, your lungs, liver, and kidneys. We have also learned that certain molds kill hair follicles. Today we have been out of our house for over 7 mos. We are all feeling much better. When we left our home I was on 6 different medications. Today I am off all of them. My daughter sleeps with no med and does not sleep walk and my husband can breathe without feeling suffocated. We are still all 3 seem to be more forgetful than we should be but we are not walking around in a brain fog anymore not being able to remember anything. My hair has come back and I don't wear a wig. So many things have cleared up. Even the dog is ok and has not been sick since we left. No more nosebleeds, dizzy or headaches. Our house is another story. Our house is so badly contaminated that they are going to have to destroy it along with all the contents. They feel there is no way to clean it up and it be safe for us ever again. At this point I would never want to be in the house again. People who have never been thru this will never understand that. If you or anyone you know think they may have a mold problem do not hesitate for one moment to take all the necessary precautions to make sure your home is a safe place for you and your family. TOXIC MOLD can be fatal. No amount of money is worth the health of your family or your mind. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I am by no means an expert but I have learned alot in the past 7 mos about mold.


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