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Sinus Infection


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Hi. I will tell you how my story is, anyone may may give me some info and i might as well for you. Before I begin, understand that my english is not my first language and I'll try to do my best. :) I am 30 years old, when i was young at the age of 4-6 i was going for allergy shots, but i stoped after a while because we moved in another place in Greece that they told me that allergies would not bother me. About 6 months ago, and for no whatsoever reason while working I felt like nausea (no spinning around) and the feeling of not feeling well. I was very worried because I am an athletic person and i had no whatsoever connections with any doctors or sickness, I went to the hospital to check me out, they took blood samples and x-rays and they found nothing was wrong with me. The days after that i had painful headaches that last it for the whole day, the only thing that could calm me down was only to sleep, also I was throwing up almost everyday. To tell you the truth i fricked out, i went again to the hospital and laboratories to check thyroid, but it came negative. But the symptoms were still there... i went also to a few otolarungologists (ENT's ?? in english) and they all told me that all those symptoms nausea, vomiting, sweting of my hands are due to my deviated nasal septum. I believed them, because after all it wasn't only one opinion but seven opinions. So i went for surgery, I was in so pain , it wasn't the headaches because they stoped, but the malaise i was having, the feeling of uncomfortable...so i went and i got it corrected, but it don't do a thing ... i still had the same symptoms.. i went 'crazy' !! The symptoms of not feeling well, lightheadness, sweating hands, sometime ears got clogged up and fatigue still persist. By luck, i went to a PATHOLOGIST, imagine now this, all the specialists did not know a thing, and a pathologist told me you have a sinus infection!!!!!!! He gave me antibiotics APO-SULFATRIN and NASACORT spray, and i start feeling better, my antibiotics of 14 days it finishes tomorrow. I do feel better but no as i want to feel, maybe because i was feeling sick for the last 6 months and my organism has to recover. Also i did an immunichemistry, IGG,IGA and IGM were good, but the RIA IGE = 736 UG/L ... the reference range is from 0-432 so i think this is quite high, but i don't really know what that means. So the PATHOLOGIST told me i have a sinus infection and allergies. On Tuesday I saw an allergiologist and he told me that i am allergic at dust, pets and moles. So, from all the tests that I've done , it comes down to sinus infection and allergy, from i have told you, all these symptoms can be relate to that, what do you think? and how about the IGE is it that high enough so after 2 weeks of antibiotics i still don't feel that good. Also I had pain on my ethmoid places, now i hurt where my cheeks are at the maxillary section, is this possible to happen... does it mean the infection removes itself from the upper part of the head and moving downwards?? Thanks for anyone reading me and understanding me!


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