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Mouth Sores for 12 years

Kelly Johnston

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Jenifer: I recently turned 31 and I, too, have suffered with mouth sores since about age of 16. I've been to so many doctors who only suggest gargling with salt water and so on. No one could ever tell me how to prevent them. I, too, suffered for weeks at a time having difficulty eating and even talking and swallowing. I suffered with major headaches, earaches, stiff neck, sore back muscles and mood swings with my canker sores. I noticed when the ulcers really come on (sometimes a mouthful) I feel very very tired and/or very stressed. I went to the doctor regarding my extreme fatigue and of course, I ended up figuring it out myself. I'm not sure my fatigue caused the ulcers or my stress, but when I had ulcers I was extremely fatigued. (Once, I had an ulcer the size of a new pencil eraser and I still have pits/scars where they were) FINALLY, finally..I met a really nice lady employee at a GNC health store near me and I told her my dilemna. She researched it in a book and even though I was told about l-Lysine in the past I never really tried it. Now.. the regular l-Lysine supplement wasn't good enough. Instead I use: Quantum brand, Advanced Formula, LysinePlus+. The difference is this:: The LysinePlus+ formula contains Vitamin C, L-Lysine, garlic, echinacea, propolis, licorice extract and goldenseal root. For some reason that combination really, really does work. I can only find the "Quantum LysinePlus+" at GNC stores. I buy a bottle of 90 tablets (the bottle is white with green lid). I take 3 religiously every night before bed. They smell and taste of garlic something awful, but it's so worth it, because I never get ulcers anymore. Remember, though, take your first bottle and don't expect the ulcers to disappear overnight. After your body has absorbed probably the first bottle, keep going (3 every day) and I promise they will go away. Don't miss a day, ever. And you will not have anymore ulcers. Once, when I ran out, I didn't buy a new bottle for probably a week or so, so I didn't have it in my system after about a week. Lo and behold, the ulcers came again! Until the lysine supplement starts to take effect, in the meantime, to ease the pain of the ulcers, warm tea or iced tea always soothed them after waking in the morning or while eating. It takes the sting out. After this starts working for you and you have faith in the lysine supplement, as I do, please spread the word. That's why I'm telling you about this. We know what others are going thru with this and doctors won't seem to recognize the benefits of this particular Lysine. I just want people to know there is really something out there to make life so much better! From: Kelly


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